The Minnesota/Virginia Sister Connection

The Minnesota/Virginia Sister Connection

Is Rich Cat Supply local in VA or MN?  

The answer is BOTH!

This unique connection was born of two sisters shared passion for pickleball. The Whalen sisters, Jenny (Whalen) Johnson and Megan (Whalen) Knutson teamed up to bring Rich Cat Supply to life this March - a project Jenny has been cultivating for the past few years.

The Whalen sisters are native Minnesotans but have lived in various states and countries. Jenny's family is currently based in Forest Lake, Minnesota and Megan lives with her family in Crozet, Virginia. 

In 2019, their mother, Marnie, introduced Jenny to the sport and she was quickly enamored. Jenny medaled in her first tournament, which only fueled her addiction. With 20+ years of teaching & coaching under her belt, it was a natural fit for her to become a PPR Certified Pickleball instructor. She loves to share her infectious enthusiasm for the game with others and has "converted" many "non-believers" into pickleball enthusiasts. She lives for the strategy of the game which is much like chess. She competes at the highest amateur levels in local and national tournaments and teaches group and private lessons at LifeTime in White Bear Lake, MN.

It didn't take long for Meg to follow Jenny's lead and catch pickleball fever. She accompanied Jenny to the US Open in Naples, FL and after getting a taste of the tournament energy, comaraderie, and competition, she went one hundred percent in. She’s also now a PPR Certified Pickleball instructor in Virginia, she competes in local tournaments and leagues and is teaching families in her community how to play and enjoy the game together. 

Together, the Whalen sisters have brought Rich Cat Supply gear into their communities and beyond with the shared mission to grow the sport and promote a core family value: PLAY.

In Crozet, Rich Cat Supply has partnered up with Bluebird & Co. to supply the community with high-value, colorful gear in-store. It’s available online everywhere else.  

Photo credit @Beth Kargarise 

Rich Cat Supply has big goals to spread the joy of pickleball across the nation, but Minnesota and Virginia will always be the generous communities that have embraced Rich Cat Supply's mission and have helped launch Jenny & Meg's pickleball dream.  

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