Why "Rich Cat Supply"

Why "Rich Cat Supply"

I believe pickleball is for everyone. Growing up my parents were teachers, and while I had an amazing upbringing, we weren’t upper class by any stretch. In playing competitive tennis I observed a barrier to entry that I, fortunately, don’t see with pickleball. As I became invested in the game, I was delighted to meet and play with people I wouldn’t typically cross paths with. Our ages varied and we came from different backgrounds but we all could connect over our shared joy for the game. Whether it was in a gymnasium, driveway, taped tennis court, or cul-de-sac, we’d find a court and everyone was welcome

I believe that living “rich” has nothing to do with money - it has everything to do with quality of life.

Playing pickleball inspired me to build a brand around the elements of fun (connection + playfulness + flow). Racket sports have provided my most meaningful connections with others - lifelong friendships, experiences, and community. Playfulness is inherent in pickleball - I live for the trash talk, goofy doubles situations, lucky (or unlucky) net cord shots, and the laughter that accompanies exciting points. It’s easy to get in a state of flow in pickleball where you become so completely immersed in the present moment that you lose track of time - forgetting about all of your adult responsibilities. Before you know it, three hours fly by and you find yourself saying, “Ok, one more game!”

Pickleball combines the three core elements of fun which are what make living life so RICH: Connection, Playfulness, Flow.

You deserve more fun. 

We all need more fun. 

Thanks for jumping on the ride with me. 

Live rich,


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